Globalvision is the night for Eurovision fans who believe in inclusion, diversity and above all the power of music.

this year make your eurovision party stand for something bigger:

dare to dream together


Yes to the right of all refugees to return.

Yes to human rights and dignity for all.

Eurovision has been a stage for people to meet on since 1956.

We meet to celebrate our diversity; the most flamboyant fashion, the great (and terrible) lyrics, and the best and worst of singers. We embrace what it means to be together.

But this year Eurovision’s being used to cover up some terrible realities, such as ongoing military and cultural repression of Palestinian communities, and the continuous erasure of Palestinian land.

So this year watch Globalvision – a stage for Palestinian artists to shine, and for Israeli and global Eurovision fans to join them saying: no to art-washing, no to military occupation, and yes to the right of all refugees to return. Yes to human rights and dignity for all.

We can’t help it, Eurovision has been born this way.


Sat 18th May at 9pm (CEST)

We'll be live from around the world. Join us!

We’ll be showcasing some of the best Palestinian music & comedy, premiering material from internationally renowned artists and getting into the glammest most glittery moments in Eurovision history with our live audience.

We’ll be entertaining you for the entire Eurovision Finale. Yes, the whole 4 hours.

Watch the Globalvision live stream on Facebook, YouTube or right here.


 Don’t watch Eurovision. Watch Globalvision.