Globalvision: Dare to Dream Together

Alternative online broadcast to Eurovision launched in support of contemporary Palestinian Artists on the night of the Eurovision Finale in Tel Aviv.

Globalvision will host an alternative online broadcast in direct competition to the Eurovision final in Tel Aviv on Saturday 18th May, for fans to enjoy a night of international entertainment whilst supporting the core principles of the right of all refugees to return, and human rights and dignity for all.

Artists who have already submitted recordings for the broadcast include pioneering British artist Brian Eno, Palestinian soprano Dima Bawab, queer Palestinian pop artist Bashar Murad, Israeli dream pop artist Ohal Grietzer. Globalvision is the night for Eurovision fans who are saying No to military occupation and No to the siege on Gaza.

Targeting the 2.2 Million viewers streaming the Grand Final online, Globalvision will be a night of inclusion and diversity, celebrating Palestinian music and culture from pop to hiphop via short films and stand up. As well as music and messages from well-known international artists, the broadcast will go live to gigs in Dublin, Haifa, London and Bethlehem.

Eurovision is a platform that has been used to make statements about Human rights throughout its history. Back in 2012 for Eurovision in Azerbaijan (BBC online), protesters gained global attention to draw public attention to the country’s poor human rights. Globalvision hopes to bolster the collective of cultural figures speaking out.

With Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) calling out Madonna for performing at Eurovision, on top of Vivienne Westwood, Wolf Alice, and Caryl Churchill urging the BBC to boycott the final in Tel Aviv, Globalvision is a timely platform for artists to stand together with their Palestinian counterparts and sing for a vision of the future beyond survival.  

In a letter to The Guardian Waters writes:

‘I’m calling on everyone involved in what I see as Eurovision’s betrayal of our joint humanity to focus on their capacity to empathise with their Palestinian brothers and sisters.’ He continues ‘And they, who have held their heads high and resisted with great courage, fortitude and grace, have asked us, “the bleeding hearts and the artists” for our help. We, all of us have, in my view, an absolute moral and human obligation as fellow human beings to answer their call.’

Globalvision supporter and acclaimed Theatre Director, Ian Rickson commented:

‘Globalvision is a vital creative and heartfelt gesture, singing out at such a complex and challenging time’

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